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Terms and Conditions

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This website is the property of ZONK Digital Agency through the following company:

SC Creative Zonkers Design SRL
EU VAT ID: RO39904719
CUI: 33734062
RC: J29/1410/2014
Social Headquarters: Blvd. Independentei 2, Ploiesti, Romania
Office Headquarters: Matasari 46, 2nd floor, Bucharest, Romania

SC Creative Zonkers Design SRL is further referred to as ZONK Digital Agency. The next text represents our general terms and conditions for using this website.


The pages of this website are protected by copyright law. Any pieces of content, translations, sharing or display on social media are protected by copyright. If you wish to use complete or partial any content from this website, you would need to forward a written request. The content and the structure of this website are protected by copyright law. All media resources are used by ZONK Digital Agency with full license provided by the media sellers. If you have any concerns regarding any media from our website, please send us an email at

Any press photos of ZONK Digital Agency can be used only in articles. ZONK Digital Agency images must contain – copyright „© ZONK Digital Agency. All rights reserved.”


Our website contains links (hyperlinks) to other websites. The content of this other websites is not completely known to our company. ZONK Digital Agency allows access to these websites but it’s not responsabile for the content they share. These links are build to make your navigation much smoother. We don’t identify our company and mission with any third party website content and we can’t be hold accountable for their content.

a. ZONK Digital Agency is not responsabile for any copyright infrigment with other third party websites.

b. In case you choose a product or service from a third party website that has a link on ZONK Digital Agency, any issues you might have with that product or service will be solved between you and the third party. ZONK Digital Agency is not responsabile for any contracts signed with third party vendors.


Any repsonsability ZONK Digital Agency may have for any damage caused from using this website – excluding legal caused, including offenses is limited to prejudice caused willingly or by misconduct. Also, ZONK Digital Agency’s mandatory responsability for contract breaches witll be limited to predictable prejudice. This will not affect the law for product/service responsability. Responsability limitation doesn’t apply in case of body injuries or health issues.

ZONK Digital Agency commits to fight viruses and not let them on this website. On the other hand, ZONK Digital Agency, cant guarantee a website absolutely free of viruses. This being said, we advise caution on what you download from this website. Scanning the file/document would be advised.


All data, information, documents, comments and content on this website are provided for information purpose. This information represents sales consulting and doesn’t indicate any investments. ZONK Digital Agency can remove or modify such information without previous notice. Though we try to always present accurate information, we can’t be held responsible for any error or mislead on a service or product.


Please note that we don’t offer any guarantees that messages sent by ZONK Digital Agency will be recieved by its receiver the way it was sent or that its information will remain confidential or untouched.


Prices on www.ZONK Digital are in EURO. Prices and service availability can be modified by ZONK Digital Agency without any previous notice.


This website can be used by any age category. By using this website you took notice and agree our terms and conditions presented into this page.


All information provided by any entity using ZONK Digital Agency will remain confidential. We will not use this information other than statistic and marketing purpose.

We have updated our Privacy Policy according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that took effect on May 25th 2018. For more details regarding this matter, please access this page: PRIVACY POLICY. If you have any privacy questions, please send us a message at


All declarations made on this website are according to our mission and principles.


This document is under Romanian law/European Union law.

Updated today February 1st 2019.

ZONK Digital Agency can modify the content of this page without sending any previous notifications.

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