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Website Management

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The website management process represents the necessary actions taken to ensure the stabillity, efficiency and continuity of your online project. Our website management plan is designed for small to large websites regardless of the incoming trafic or business industry and it will cover all the technical aspects of your website.

Platform Management

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This plan focuses on providing professional technical services and 24/7 support for large websites that belong to the news/media, real-estate, tourism or auto industry as well as government websites. These websites require more resources as well as a different management approach tailored for high-profile websites with lots of traffic.

Online Shop Management

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Shop management services are tailored for each customer so that you can focus on what matters to you. We provide complete solutions that will ensure the flawless functioning of your online store. E-Commerce plans include all the options specific for an e-commerce website, including enhanced security and customer reporting.

App Management

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The App Management plan is designed to provide full assistance for App owners that need a reliable company to take care of everything, on a daily basis. We will make sure that the app system is fully functional and up to date as well as any modifications you might need. All your requests will be completed within 24 to 48 hours from the request was made.

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Management Plans

Each website, online shop, platform or application we build will always be 100% functional and ready to go for as long as you need it. We like to say that by not choosing a management plan it doesn’t mean that your website or shop will stop working. Everything will work as delivered but a management plan will ensure that your website and server is 101% functional, always backed-up, with fresh content on it and updated with the latest functionalities and security updates. We strongly recommend having extra security on your project as more and more web attacks are happening everyday.

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