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Presentation website

Showcase your ideas in the right way

A presentation website is a type of website used mainly for small to medium businesses, artists, freelancers, brands and so on. It usually has between 3 and 20 webpages with light functionalites, all packed in a modern design that will showcase your ideas to as many people as possible. A presentation website can have a back-end management framwework that will make it easy for anyone to change a picture or some content.

E-Commerce Shops

Sell anything, anywhere, whenever

Selling something online has never been easier. Store functionalities can include order tracking, product and stock management, email notifications, coupon system, customer accounts, shipping options as well as reports that will make you understand what your customers are looking for. For small shops we recommend Woocommerce while for medium and large shops Magento or OpenCart is the perfect choice.

Web Platform

Powerful functionalities for big ideas

A web platform is a more complex type of website that has a large number of pages, lots of custom functionalities, a fast page load speed as well as an increased security due to sensitive information being stored in the database and within the werbsite’s files. The following industries usually need a web platform: tourism, rent-a-car, real estate, news/media/tv, government.


Spread your ideas to as many people as possible

A blog is essential for people that desire an online presence and we have found that WordPress CMS is the best tool for the job. Initially designed as a blogging platform, WordPress CMS let’s its users to create amazing content with advanced blogging functionalities already integrated. Functionalities can include social media feed integration, user profiles, instant blogging messaging, email notifications, statistics and more.

A major boost for your business

Mobile Apps & CMS Modules Development

Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps downloads market has seen an incredible increase in the past few years. While in 2017 we had 178 billions apps downloaded worldwide, this number increased to 205 billions in 2018 and its projected to increase to 258 billions in 2022. With these numbers we can truly say that apps are the future of web development. While there are businesses that can’t survive without a mobile app, others can prosper just fine without an investment in this direction.

Our professionals will carefully analyze your business and explain which is the best course of action. We have 3 ways of developing a mobile app, through Android Studio as a native Android App, through Swift as a native iOS app or through different programming languages. We will guide to take the right decision, depending on your business needs and targeted audience.

CMS Modules

Modules are used to create websites on Content Management System (CMS) platforms. Developers use modules to considerably reduce the development time and costs of the project. A module is a set of file that will create a certain action on your website. For example, the contact form on your contact page hosted on a CMS platform is actually a communication module that will send and receive emails to and from your customers. CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, OpenCart and more will have a modules library available where you can browse for modules to install however, sometimes you will not find what you are looking for, especially if you have an industry where information is very personalized. The ZONK team will develop the perfect CMS module with high security and stability while keeping an eye on the project’s timeframe and budget.

Best solution?

Many customers ask us what is the best solution to use when building a website or a platform. The answer is that there are many possibilities to build a website or a web app, in the end it comes down to what you want to achieve and the budget for the selected project. Whether you ask for a presentation website, an online shop, a web application or some custom work, our professionals will surely provide you with the fastest service that fits within your budget.

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