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Increase your business with a responsive website

Octavian Tiron - February 18, 2019 - 0 comments

In this article, we’re going to discuss about why a responsive website is crucial for your business in 2019 – 2020. More than that, we will find out if it indeed increases your business or not. There are hundreds of articles online about the concept of responsive design but in this article, we hope to emphasize some aspects that weren’t previously discussed anywhere else. 



What is a responsive website? 

The role and idea of a responsive website design was discussed and described in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in July 2008 under the title “One Web”.  The One Web concept refers to the idea of creating a Web for All accessible from any device (Web on Everything). 

From that point, it took about 4 years for people to acknowledge the necessity for this technology and once it started, it was unstoppable. 



Today, due to the variety of devices available on the market, information is not accessible on all of this, or, better said, is accessible, but content displaying is not done properly. So the user can get the information partially or not at all. This can create a gap of communication between the brand and the user with the user getting a bad perspective over your business or idea. The consequences here can be very bad, from the user loosing his confidence in the brand to a more extreme case where a wrongly displayed content can develop a fake news idea.

A responsive website is the type of website that will adapt its content on any screen size. From smartphones and tablets to laptops, desktops and very large screens. Some years ago, whenever someone would try to view the content of a non-responsive website, that person would have a lot of problems in trying to understand what it is they’re looking for in that page. Content was overlapping, the text was too large for that device (especially between 2012 – 2014), therefore customers or clients would get frustrated and exit the website in a matter of seconds. According to Google Analytics, a website’s bounce rate dropped from 80% for a non-responsive website to 50% for the same website but created modern, with fluid design technologies.  



How does the concept of responsive design work? 

There are several technologies a developer can use in order to make your website responsive. The responsiveness of your website is usually determined by the CSS code that was written within your website’s files. CSS controls everything and if your code is done properly then you’ll have no problems in showcasing your website to your clients. In CSS, responsiveness is controlled by Media Queries or @media.



Another option would be to integrate your website with a responsive CSS framework such as Bootstrap. Bootstrap is an amazing framework developed by Twitter. It powers more than 10 million websites worldwide and has seen a huge increase in popularity in the past 8 years. Bootstrap uses some predefined classes that will create the actual layout of your webpage. The structure of Bootstrap is based on sections or row. Each row is divided into 12 columns that you can adjust or adapt according to your needs. Content can be easily placed in any of the 12 columns. You can also have 6, 4,3,2 or 1 column. Bootstrap is cool! We strongly recommend it on almost any project as we have seen low volume sites built on Bootstrap but also enterprise software using the same technology.  


Advantages and disadvantages of using responsiveness into your website? 

We initially wanted to name this topic „Advantages of using responsiveness into your website” but we decided to try to discuss also about the disadvantages of this technology. The main question is: “Will it increase your business or not? So, let’s begin… 



The main advantage of using this technology is that you will finally have your content properly displayed on all screen sizes. This can easily translate into: 

  • Increase in sales 


  • Increase in leads 
  • Increase in traffic 
  • Better business perception  
  • The image of a modern company that uses high-end technologies  

In other words it will increase your business.

increase your business


The main disadvantage would be that a responsive design requires some coding work. This means that you will have to hire a developer to do this for you. However, this investment is a small to medium one with a 100% ROI within 3 to 6 months.  

Another small issue would be with code changes. Whenever you’d have to change something to your website it must be done on different screen sizes. Changes would have to be done on smartphones, tablets as well as desktops and very large screen sizes.



The last disadvantage is represented by the complexity of the CSS code. As any developer knows, you can write code and you can write good code. If you go above and beyond with your code, you’ll always get amazing results. However, if you lack the tech skills you might cause serious problems with your website or your client’s website. So be very careful when you work with responsive CSS. Also, keep in mind that you must have a well-defined vision of the website, what to use on desktop and large screen sizes or of course, what to hide on certain devices.  



If you want to read more about facts & statistics click here.


Tip: As Google mentioned, since 2018 it will no longer use first website index for desktop website but rather for mobile websites. This means that your work will have to be, and it should be, perfect on mobile and tablets and after that, on desktops and large/very large screen sizes. 


As a final note: sometimes is more easy to increase your business if you start from scratch.


If you wish to know more about how we can help you to increase your business we’ll be delighted to meet you at our downtown Bucharest office. Or just send us a message, or call us, or maybe an email.


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