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Engaging content: How to create?

Daniel Serbu - November 27, 2020 - 0 comments

In 2020 competition for engaging content is intense, so intense that there are over 7.7 billion social media users globally, 2 million blog posts published every day, 1.9 billion Google searches and the social media users grew by 202 million between April 2019 and April 2020. Everyone wants to have big audience. But what do you have to do for it?



We have a good news and a bad news. The bad news is the biggest challenge for any business to create engaging content (how much the number of posts increases, the chances of having a big audience drops because you do not have time to read or view so much information). And now comes the good news: many business aren’t doing a good social media marketing and they’re making mistakes which lead to a low commitment giving the rest of us a change to do quality engaging content.



In today’s article I will teach you how to create big audience for social media that can drive results and of course I will share with you some tips & secrets. So let’s start!



First of all, social media is about sharing and grow a relationship with your audience first. Not to sell. You have opportunity to start a conversation with your future customers but you have to focus on sharing relevant content to engage trust. In the future trust will be converted to selling.

How to build trust? read on and learn…


People don’t like to read text posts on social network. And the truth is that they do not even have time to do that. When you scroll on the news feed you do it with speed, and your attention will be captured by the short text. So try as much as possible to say a lot in few words. And don’t forget: keywords are the cornerstone of all social media marketing. Businesses can benefit from keywords in their social media content strategy implementation.


Always two minds will be better than one. So after you finish your post text check it out with your colleagues. You will surely come together to the even better final idea. All for the big audience!


Visual content will bring you more engaging content, that’s for sure. Try to use pictures taken by you, don’t google it (copyright belongs to someone else). And if you do not have any inclination towards photography or Photoshop, try websites with free copyright, there’s a lot. Now represent your business with quality graphics.


Now it’s the time to make your content valuable and unique. If you do not have a blog, it would be time to do it. A blog provides a chance to discuss a topic in-depth. It’s a place where you can offer tips & tricks, how-to’s, DIY and other useful content for readers (just like i do with this article for the ZONK). And of course, you can fill it with the SEO keywords. After you’ve created your blog you can start share articles on social media and subscribe to top industry blogs using RSS to keep track of the latest hot topics.



An infographic is said to be 3 times more appreciated than a picture or text. I think every business should start to do this and btw, Google trends shows that people are interested in infographic. To create a cool infographic you can use free online tools or you can hire a graphic designer to create something beautiful for you. Don’t forget about the “10 Rules of Graphic Design”, may help you. Be careful with Facebook text overlay limit. “If the proportion of text to image is too high, your ad may not reach its full audience.”




Social media data can tell you a lot about industries, customers, age, sex and what we should be doing more of and what we should do less of. Regularly check your insights and modify future posts based on data.

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When your posts contain a link to your website it is necessary to have a professional website or who are presenting your business correctly. We live in 2020 and most of the people are accessing websites by smartphones so you must have a responsive website. For more information please check next article: “Increase your business with a responsive website”

If you need a professional team to make your website more attractive please contact us.


Web design trends in 2019



Most of the people who want to increase their engaging content think more about them than the audience. And it’s so wrong! The big content marketers win when writing for their audience’s needs and behaviors. So it’s simple, start to more empathize with your potential customers.




Have you ever wondered why stories with three characters are the most successful? The number three has been used so often in our childhood that we are attracted to him by maturity. So make use of it and you’ll likely end up with a more engaging content. And if you fail in the first you will certainly succeed in the third.




All algorithms in the online environment are increasingly focused on the rating. For example: even me or you choose our holiday destinations or favorite restaurants by rating. Right? It’s a great idea to share client testimonials, success stories, and reviews on your social media channels. Make your testimonials visible on the website. 😉




Try to find which type of content getting more engagement. You can use Pinterest for that.


engaging content



Hashtags are a great way to: build your business brand; boost a campaign; keep in touch with your audience; gain more likes and followers. Remember: hashtag is a method of indexing keywords to help facilitate good search results for it.

How to find the best hashtag? First look at influencers; be specific; create your own hashtag; use unbreachable but relevant tags.


engaging content



We discovered this method for ZONK, and it works. It’s simple: insert quotes in your post and tag the author. Try to tag the influencers.




Place social media buttons in your email newsletters, website, blog and wherever you are allowed. It will definitely increase your chance of getting more engagement with 158%, experts say. The road to the big audience!




If you want more numbers about the world of social media check this link. It will definitely help you better understand.


Remember: a clever text with cool colors, brilliant pictures, strong content and some audio-visual appeal mixed together can lead to become a recipe for a perfect content and not forgetting the relevant content strategy! And do not be impatient if the results will not occur immediately, it takes a lot of time, patience and practice for big audience.


We hope we helped you! 

What strategies do you use for engaging content? you can leave us a comment below.  See ya! 🙂


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