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Blogging: a great advantage for your online business

Daniel Serbu - June 18, 2020 - 0 comments


Blogging is a great advantage for an online business and is one of the most effective ways to increase visibility in the virtual environment. It is a fast and cost-effective method of getting traffic for your website. To own a blog is a good SEO (search engine optimization) method for Google to help you rank higher in search engines.

Here are 5 benefits of blogging in an online business:

1. Increase your ranking in the search engine 

With fresh and relevant content, the general SEO score will be improved, achieving good organic indexing. Google also loves to receive new and frequent content, giving other search engines valuable content to index your keywords.

blog-ul, o metodă de SEO

The more relevant content you provide, the better your chances of getting organic traffic to your site.

You can get the relevant content through keyword research, to see what your customers are looking for. Here we recommend you to take into consideration a buyer persona profile (a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer). This buyer persona is based on real data and market research about your existing customers.

The blog also supports the backlinks option, one of the most important in a SEO strategy. Backlinks are links between two web pages or, in other words, links that a website receives from another website. With their help, you can easily ascend in the search engine rankings.

2. Increase brand awareness

Brand awareness represents the totality of actions taken by a brand to root the brand image in the market and, implicitly, to a target audience.

Brand awareness is an important element of marketing and blogging helps a lot in making your business known to your target audience.

The way that articles are written will define your brand image. This is a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. So, your readers will be able to create a stronger connection with your brand.

A good example is Coca-Cola. I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t know about this brand. However, Coca-Cola invests a lot in promoting the image, just to maintain that strong connection with customers.

3. It offers the possibility to be shared

The main benefit, in this case, is that your blog content might be shared on Social Media. This action generates organic traffic from Social Media platforms to your online business.

Organic traffic generation is one of the determining factors in increasing the ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Oportunitatea de a fi distribuit
abonare newsletter
4. Generate leads

You can use the blog for visitors to subscribe to the company’s newsletter. Invite visitors to subscribe to various free and useful materials. The materials submitted can be useful information in the field.

These emails can be used for marketing purposes, to promote the company’s products/services, to generate leads and to maintain customer interest in the brand. There are also chances to convert subscribers into potential customers.

Remember that any email transmission must comply with the GDPR European Agreement!

5. Ranking your business as an industry leader

No matter how small your business is, blogging is a great way to build trust among potential customers and establish an influence (clout) in the industry you belong to.

Lider in Industrie

By providing content that will be seen as valuable and specialized information, the potential customers will see your knowledge as an experience you have gained in your field.

Over time, the more frequently you’ll write useful and informative articles, the more traffic for your online business you’ll get. 

articole utile și informative

You should know that when you decide upon a blog, it can be embedded in the company’s website or it can be separated – as another website.

We recommend the integrated blog, because it can bring you more benefits.

First of all, having the blog integrated into the website, the visitors will spend time on it generating traffic.

It is also easier and cheaper to create and maintain a single website. Visitors who’ll find the blog post will already be on your company’s website and closer to take any conversion action you are targeting. These conversions are refering to: newsletter subscription, content download, purchase, etc.

When you decide to develop an integrated blog, you’ll definitely have more benefits. Your business will enjoy a better position in the online environment.

trafic website

We hope we helped you! 

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